Stories, Rail’n Radio!

The DoctorRail-Motto: Stories, Rail’n Radio

DoctorRail’s idea is to have interactive stories (Stories) combining model railroading (Rails) and RC model building (Radio) in scale 1/32. In addition there is a lot of “drum and barrel” which is needed for demanding model building and operation. But what are interactive stories? The basic idea is:

It’s not you who runs your model railway, it’s your model railway playing with you!

With the story concept I offer you a great extension for your existing layout or diorama: Create your story(-ies), start the story and run through exciting tasks with e.g. combine harvester and Co. or organize operation in the station so that transport and museum railway run smoothly. There are always new aspects to discover, because one and the same story can take different courses again and again. Thus it never gets boring! Immerse yourself in a new dimension of the model-making experience, because there are no limits to your imagination. Everything is possible!

My personal 1 gauge story

That’s how it all began. A combine and a gauge 1 loco:

Now the imaginery station layout ‘Sandethal’ has been build:

Here, roads and land that can actually be driven on have just as much weight as realistic, automatic railroad operation. You can also find a lot of information in the layout relocation posts.

A track layout with cool details

Many tricky detail solutions allow 1 scale operation in the smallest of spaces:

What is very important to me is the combination of model trains and radio-controlled models. Thats why I put some effort into having lifelike useable streets and parking lots as well as realistic train operation. The icing on the cake is then the operation with an interactive story, for example an operation (almost) like the original one:

  1. Delivery of new agricultural vehicles or goods by train
  2. Drive to the loading siding and wait for the go to unload.
  3. Unloading the load: This is to be done only done by the remote-controlled models themselves. But hurry, time is running out!
  4. Train dispatch and departure: Suddenly the locomotive driver notices that the locomotive still has to bunker diesel!
  5. Drive the engine to the tap… hopefully you can do it before the museum train arrives!

The → Story makes more out of every layout and diorama. In the course of time, some great features have been developed that make the operation even more entertaining and realistic. I’m happy if the stories are something for you too!

For questions and remarks of all kinds please use →my contact data.