Episode 47: Railroad Museum Allgau

Not far from Kempten (Germany) lies the “Eisenbahmuseum Allgäu”. Already the outside area puts the visitor in the right mood for railroads with an old Kof (Köf) at a wing signal:

Inside, it offers a large display case collection of railroad vehicles in various gauges, as well as an operational classic H0 model railroad; in addition, minerals and a model railroad store.

On the model railroad layout, two small trains turn their rounds at the push of a button. The arrangement of tracks and landscape here is typical for the model railroad of the post-war period: In the peripheral area, two to three oval circles are arranged, within which there are some reversing loops, sidings and a depot with a turntable. It can be a bit crowded, even though the layout is quite large. In true style, the AC locomotives whiz across the layout at nearly full throttle.

And that on the good old Märklin metal track; which in many cases still features the continuous middle contact. Practically everything is present: Catenary, turntable, signals, roads, tunnels, bridges, a small town with a church, etc. Who can imagine today that in the past practically every model railroad once looked like this or something similar…

Even for the gauge 1 fans among us there are some treasures to marvel at in the museum. …nice to look at, even if it is almost exclusively the well-known and already somewhat older classics from “Aunt M”.

This concludes our little tour. See you soon, yours

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