Episode 6: 1 Scale Layout on 120 Squarefeet

The Situation

A hobby room with 120 squarefoot is available for your hobby, which makes our hearts beat faster. Now we would like:

  • at least a 2-track railway station,
  • a shunting area with loading/unloading facility,
  • a panoramic route and maybe
  • some extras,
  • and all of this not on Z or H0 scale, no, on 1 scale!

It won’t work? It will! But in the beginning there should be some studies of relevant literature.

Tips for good track plans on the net

Or how not to do it:

Some Restrictions

Since a real station with e.g. 1000 feet on scale of 1/32 would be more than 30 feet long, we will have to accept a handful of limitations:

  • We limit the train length to a loco plus three small cars. This results in a maximum length of about 4 feet and a half. With some air and two switches the station comes with approximately 6 feet in length.
  • In addition, we select a branch line instead of running fast trains. That allows relatively small radii at the same time.
  • In order to maintain a good-looking operation and not to be too limited in later selection of larger locos, we opt for the common minimum radius of 1020mm.
  • Unfortunately, just an oval is possible in the available space, which is barely larger than the minimum radius. Furthermore that does not fit with the door. So let’s release the idea of a closed circle and put the focus on shunting

Theme of the Layout

The theme of the branch’s line could be a small transhipment station, having the existing Lexion or the Fendt in mind. Agricultural vehicles and goods are delivered by rail and then transhipped. Of course we need a loading track with a suitable loading ramp.

Track Plan

As you can see →in the video, we end up at a small, three-track station with loading ramp. The remaining space now can be used for a small panoramic route. Finally a stationary yard for multi-train operation would be the dot on the i… But really there is no space left for a 7 feet diameter helix. So let’s stay with a clearly separated Fiddleyard in the lower right hand corner to do our modifications to the trains.

1 scale track layout with loading ramp, panoramic route and fiddleyard

Virtually modeled (in this case →3D model railway studio has been used) it might look like this:

Track layout modelled with 3D Modellbahn Studio

Reference Train Operation

A typical shunting procedure could then look like this:

  • A train with two cars will be prepared in the fiddleyard (of course a shadow station would be better 🙂
  • The train comes from A-City (fiddleyard) and runs over the panoramic route in our station in B-Village
  • After a short stay, the first car will be uncoupled and the loco shunts with the car to the loading track, using the stump track as a via
  • Unloading of the delivered vehicles or goods takes place
  • The loco including the car shunt to the station track which remainded as free, the car is uncoupled
  • The loco shunts again to the first track via stump track and couples the second car
  • Again the process with shunting to the loading track, unloading and shunting back is being processed
  • At the end the loco is being moved in front of the cars in order to return to A-City
  • After a short stay, the train departs using the panoramic route back to A-City

So much about the track plan for today!


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