Episode 54: Move a Model Railroad 1/13 – Disassembly of the old layout and preview

What to do when the beloved model railway layout is to be moved “somewhere else”? First of all: take a deep breath 😉 Then: Be happy that the move will probably open up new chances. And be glad that the existing layout is built in →modules and can therefore be moved at all without major destruction.

At the same time, you can use the chance to make up for old “design sins” or to improve things that were perhaps not implemented so far due to poor accessibility or the like. Here now part 1 of the 13-part conversion series of my layout:

After designing the new room with workshop and background painting, the modules can finally be set up again. This, however, with a slightly different layout to meet the new possibilities. Finally, latest details and test drives (the links will be activated as soon as the respective article is published):

Here are a few more impressions of the old layout:

The plant with workshop in 2014. There is no industrial module yet, but the turnout branch for it is already planned.
The plant one year later (2015). The tracks are laid; also the course of the main road is fixed. On the right in gray you can see the industrial part. Below is the work table for workshop work.
The plant in 2019 just before dismantling. The road is partially finished, and some tree cover is indicated in the corner on the left. At the back right, already the new station building.

We hope you enjoy following the layout re-arrangement, wishes

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