Episode 63: Move a Model Railroad 10/13 – A little diorama with a Bouncer and a Crossing

At the same time as you →set up the modules, you can also create smaller scenes that you might not be able to get to later. This delays the time of recommissioning, but it is good for the eye:

Originally, the small siding looked like this:

A very short track, just long enough for the Köf or a medium sized car. For space reasons, there wasn’t even a bumper here, just an end-of-track board. Now the same area in the new room after filling the lateral gap:

The old plant edges are clearly visible. The “grass-green” turf is on the old slab, while the slightly redder turf is used on the filler pieces. Now there is 15cm more space for the siding. Now the track is to be terminated with a buffer stop in any case. To optimize the space again, an original Märklin buffer stop is disassembled and used in a shortened form. Every centimeter counts. In the end, for example, a V100 will also fit on the track!

Small overpass in the upper right hand corner (bright gray)

As a conclusion, a track crossing (you can almost not call it an overpass) is designed directly in front of the buffer stop. Soon, a diesel filling station will be built at this siding; and so the operating area can also be reached from the street.

→Here’s the list of the move posts.

More in the →next part: The first test runs are coming up!


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