Episode 65: Move a Model Railroad 12/13 – No way through: The corner must go!

In the →last part, the first test drives took place. It was already apparent that one module is still missing and needs to be worked on. Also in the →part “Track plan” I had already mentioned that the pull-out track must be shortened so that the workshop is freely accessible. Here now the last stage of the layout move with the “corner adjustment”:

In the following picture, the corner is still “on”, but the track and “lawn” have already been removed:

The curve of the workshop worktop can still be seen at the bottom right in front of the white Styrofoam. It’s clear that you can’t get through here like this. The track is already removed and the new layout contour is marked

→Here you can go to the previous posts.

And then it is also done. The layout has been moved! In the →next post comes the last part of this mini-series with impressions of the construction and a small driver’s cab ride.


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