Episode 66: Move a Model Railroad 13/13 – Final Impressions and Cab Ride

After →the test drives and the →adaptation of the corner, it is now done:

In →the previous 12 parts you could get an impression of the thoughts I had before and during the plant move and how much effort one or the other step entails. Now the move is finally completed. Here are a few impressions of the result (click/tap for the big pictures):

The plant as a panoramic view. The elevator is visible on the right. The track then curves to the rear right over the level crossing with barriers to the three-track station (rear left). On the far left is the shunting area; a siding is hidden behind the trees. A federal road crosses the whole diorama. Various connections and the station road lead off from it
The plant from the bird’s eye view. The course of the federal highway on the North German Plain can be seen nicely

What has changed due to the move

  • The layout has become approx. 50cm wider. The panoramic section has been extended by approx. 40cm; in addition, the “inclined position” results in a further 10cm
  • The inclination improves the visually perceived depth and dynamics. In the area of the future diesel filling station (the siding at the back right), this has also created valuable space for more track. More space has also been gained behind the station
  • The pull-out track was shortened in favor of the workshop and the module plate was reduced in size. All in all, however, it still looks quite harmonious
  • Layout and workshop are now integrated in one room (that’s incredibly good!)
  • a →new, comprehensive room lighting control system has been integrated. This actually has nothing to do with the move, but you don’t want to deteriorate 😉

What is planned soon (a model railroad is never finished!)

  • The new areas in the area of the station and switch road are to be designed. For this purpose, an access flap still has to be incorporated in the left station module beforehand
  • The elevator is still to be completely covered. A first privacy screen has been installed, but it is still from the old room and is much too small
  • The area created in the center of the room is also to be made usable in the medium term. There are first considerations for this. But “simply building up” is out of the question, because then there would no longer be any general accessibility
  • If you take a close look at →the new track plan from episode 60, you will notice that there is still some space opposite the workshop. That is about one square meter. There are also already ideas for this use. More on this probably in 2022. Let yourselves be surprised!


In short, you don’t go to such lengths just for fun or without compelling circumstances. Not only can you not operate for quite a long time, but it’s also a lot of work. Something simply breaks during dismantling and transport, the new electrical system doesn’t really work at first, or the painted clouds just don’t look the way you want them to. At the end of the day, it’s only worth it if there’s a certain improvement and the work is also worthwhile (e.g. with a great, integrated workshop). But then you have the chance to critically scrutinize every element again and implement fundamental improvements. After about a year without driving and a lot of conversion work, I’m definitely glad to finally be able to pursue the beautiful hobby of MoBa and RC modeling again. Yours

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