Episode 57: Move a Model Railroad 4/13 – The Workshop Light

To really get started in the new workshop, good light is still missing:

Since I had good experiences with LED strips for the layout lighting, these should also be used for the workshop light. 12 volts are always available and harmless; so you can also wire behind the French-cleat strips without worrying. In addition to the obligatory ceiling lamp (“LED bar”), however, there was also the desire for other light sources that could be used flexibly.

This initially resulted in a modular 12V power supply with standardized plugs as well as fixed and mobile work lamps:

Flexible LED work light not yet connected

The finished flexible light will look like this:

On the left, the French Cleat holder with cable connection. At the bottom of the light bar the magnet body

→Here you’ll find the previous parts of the move series.

The →next part is about the construction of a light control system.

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