Episode 61: Move a Model Railroad 8/13 – Design of the Background with Color Gradient and Clouds

In the →previous part, the track plan was adapted. Now it’s getting concrete; the background is being designed:

A “beautiful” model railroad background is of course always a matter of taste. I have opted for a color transition with dyed wall paint: In my eyes, this is a good compromise between good effect and low cost:

A very white shade of blue indicates the rather hazy area of the sky near the horizon. The rest of the sky – that is, the upper part with the ceiling – is in a “baby blue”. The transition area was done with a →wet-on-wet technique, so that practically a soft color transition is created. This is easily doable with a little practice. Oh yes: The basis for the painted sky is smooth non-woven wallpaper. If the plant should move again at some point, non-woven wallpaper can be easily removed and even reused if necessary.

Clouds are now painted onto the dried sky color. For this I have prepared bright titanium white, normal “tinting color white” and a light gray-white. With a little skill (practicing on old wallpaper helps!) can be quite well realistic (although not photorealistic) clouds on the wall. According to the perspective, the clouds near the horizon are small, because further away, and further up large, because directly at or above the scenery. This results in a nice depth effect. Clouds painted over the inevitable edges of space conceal these visible edges.

→Here you can find all parts of the moving series.

The →next part will finally be about setting up the modules!


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