Episode 62: Move a Model Railroad 9/13 – Setup of the modules in the new Room

In the →previous post, the sky background was designed. Now the modules can finally be set up again:

What else to say here: Finally, after the dismantling of the layout

and the (felt eternal) intermediate storage of the modules

these are set up again. Step by step, the electrical connections must also be made. In this way, it is also possible to test whether the control system is working correctly. However, automatic operation is not yet to be thought of before thorough tests. The new transition module is built and integrated into the →Rocrail track plan (a new feedback unit).

Thus, after a few hours of reconstruction, we get a first impression of the “new” layout:

Unfortunately, you are not finished yet. The “gaps” created by the →turned setup have to be closed and the modules all brought to the same height. This is because the floor is anything but straight. Fortunately, leveling the height can be done relatively easily by screwing the module legs together. Slotted holes are a great invention 😉

→Here you can go to the previous posts about the move.

Next, I’ll show you →the rough design of a small bumper scene I made while still setting up the modules.


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